NASC Office

Established in January 2012, the NASC office is located in the Diocesan Office in Newcastle.

The team consists of the Executive Director of Eduction & Childcare, Finance Manager, Risk, Compliance & Policy Manager, Religious Education Officer and seven support staff. The NASC Office manages the financials of the schools, produces reports for the NASC Board, and is responsible for managing school data pertaining to financial management within the schools' administration system. The NASC Office also provides support to the school boards and liaises with the principals.

Meet the Team

  • Mr Alan Green – Executive Director of Education & Child Development
  • Ms Cass Phillpott – Finance Manager
  • Ms Megan Grainger – Risk, Compliance & Policy Manager
  • Mr Ian Parr – Religious Education Officer
  • Mr Ben Avery - Senior Accountant
  • Mrs Beverly Eastaway – Assistant Accountant
  • Ms Sally Veronesi – Payroll Officer
  • Ms Haley Kelleher – Senior Debtors Officer – Manning Valley Anglican College and Scone Grammar School
  • Mr Jean Stora – Accounts Payable Officer
  • Ms Sue Wells – Debtors Officer – Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College
  • Ms Felicia Sharman – Debtors Officer – Lakes Grammar – An Anglican School
  • Ms Cheryl Sorensen - Creditors Officer
  • Mrs Carolyn Gowdy – Assistant to the ED of Education & Child Development