Board of Directors

The Newcastle Anglican Schools Corporation aims to establish, promote, ensure effective governance, and support Anglican schools within and outside the Diocese and to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to students, staff, parents and the community.

The Newcastle Anglican Schools Corporation continues to serve and support the four member schools of the Corporation under the direction of the Board. The Board meets six times a year with an additional special meeting convened to receive and approve school budgets. Twice a year meetings are convened at member schools.

The board is responsible for the Schools Management Division, implementation of the Christian Religious Studies Curriculum, implementation of centralised banking, appointment of school principals and Chaplains, and Mission in Education: Education in Mission.

The duties of the Board are to:

  • support member schools as part of the mission of the Anglican Church of Australia;
  • support and encourage the establishment of Anglican schools within and without the Diocese;
  • acquire suitable land for the establishment of schools;
  • plan for the establishment of new Anglican schools;
  • support and encourage the development of the Christian faith and worship within Anglican schools and encourage staff and parents to recognize the value of education in an Anglican school operating within the vision, tradition and Ordinances of the Diocese;
  • undertake financial oversight of member schools for the Diocese and Diocesan Council to ensure the continued viability and financial stability of member schools;
  • provide support for member schools;
  • represent, in cooperation with member school Principals and School Boards, the interests of member schools to Diocesan Council, school associations and government agencies;
  • ensure so far as is possible that member schools are complying with all industrial, legal and insurance issues in an appropriate way;
  • undertake such other functions as Synod or Diocesan Council may delegate to it;
  • to appoint a Chief Executive Officer.

Board members

  • The Right Reverend Dr Peter Stuart - President
  • The Reverend Scott Dulley – Chair
  • Mr Colin Johnston – Deputy Chair
  • Mr Geoff Wooden
  • Ms Leisa Evans
  • Ms Helen Murray